recycled conversations

landscape and meaning

Every studio suffers from the accumulation of work, which takes up space, physically and emotionally.During a clear out of my studio I collected 148 old watercolour paintings that had been lying around in a plan chest for 20 years.  Some radical action was required and I proceeded to shred each one using an old office shredder. This produced long strips of paper about 6mm wide, a memory of a past history.Solving one problem created another as I became fascinated with the 1000’s of paper strips, but what to do with them?

As part of my MA I had investigated the meaning of landscape for artists by meeting and interviewing 7 leading landscape painters about their work and what landscape meant to them. I recorded our conversations and took photographs of their work in progress at the time. It wasn’t until I shredded the watercolours that I found a way to visualise the conversations.


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