fake fake fake

yes.........it's all fake

A group show at CMR project space in Redruth which explored the differences between reality and imagination, fake and real, identity and being. The Fakists , as the group was known, use tricks and jokes within a fake, which might reveal an artefact’s origins to knowing insiders. The forger uses similar tricks primarily to produce the aura of authenticity and therefore to deceive. The works in this show may create lies within themselves, or create several different truths or reveal a new, combined meaning, whilst others merely confuse the viewer.

The participating artists (David Axtel, Ron Ford, Mary fletcher, Tim Pryke, Jackie Orly, Stuart Blackmore and Alice Mahoney) presented the show in a Fake Galley, including original fake artworks, and fake artists. The group released press information on the show announcing the opening of a London based gallery in Redruth called ‘Gallery Thirteen’.

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