the future project

imagining a future for Redruth

Inland Art Festival was a contemporary art festival, bringing diverse communities together in the historic town of Redruth, Cornwall. The first festival took place from 25th-28th September 2014, when an ambitious free programme showcased works by 90 artists. Delivering screenings, performances, interactive installations in unexpected locations and events from family workshops to talks for practitioners. The next festival, The Future Project, was in October, 2016

The Future Project worked as a platform for alternative, possible and impossible, weird and wonderful futures. Working with local residents, artists, academics and musicians, the festival used architecture, environment, social and cultural references to create a 3 day alternative future around Redruth.

My response to this challenge of possible/impossible futures was to create a a series of narrative paintings relating to the past, present and future of Redruth. I encouraged interaction with the paintings by mounting them on the wall on hinges, revealing a second layer  underneath containing the narrative. Shown at CMR Project Space in Redruth as part of a members exhibition.

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