sol force

Mid Summers day 2019 at Tremenheere

Sol Force was a celebration of the Summer Solstice at Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens in 2019, curated be Jesse Leroy Smith. Sixty artists were invited to install work in the gardens for one night only.

My installation comprised 10 sculptured hands, made from dead wood collected from the garden.  They were installed in a small area around the pond. Since they were naturally camouflaged, visitors could easily walk around the pond and be unaware of the hands.

I met visitors as they arrived and showed them the first one, and invited them to find the remaining 9. This interaction developed over the 5 hours of the event into a mini performance, involving both adults and children, the latter were given a map and asked to find the hands and mark them on the map,

Visitors from the UK, Europe, Far East, Australia and New Zealand came during the 5 hours and many interesting conversations were held.